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#GamerGate/#NotYourShield∴The Missing Link

Originally posted on EvolveOrigin 2:

#GamerGate/#NotYourShield∴The Missing Link

 A tri-partite critical and creative response to Alex Lifschitz’s September 17th article, “GTA V: Anything Less Than Perfect.”[i]

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this article is to reach out to the broadest possible audience interested in the #Gamergate[ii]/#Notyourshield[iii] debate/flamewar burning itself out across various social media outlets. I am a casual gamer who likes MMORPGs, and I have a fond history of playing video games, including Grand Theft Auto®  2, 3, 4, and Vice City. I am a poet, story writer, and professional troll who has dabbled in journalism. Critical theories of literature and communication are near and dear to me, as they are useful lenses through which we can view the world more clearly and more effectively interact with our cultural output to promote the well-being of all people and better the world around us.

Feminism is one such…

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UW Students Lead Procession for the Ayotzinapa 43


You go UW

Originally posted on The Dignity Virus:

Dozens of demonstrators gathered at the Ethnic Cultural Center at the University of Washington for a procession to Red Square, calling for justice for the 43 missing Mexican students on Friday, November 14th, 2014.
From the event Facebook page…

“The University of Washington social justice organization Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (MeChA) is leading a procession in solidarity for the 43 students from Ayoztinapa Normal School.

– 43 students from the rural town of Ayotzinapa in Guerrero Mexico are missing
– They were last seen 9/26/14 on the way to a demonstration to protest the diversion of state education funding to their school and other rural schools.
– Police were given orders by the mayor to confront the students.
– Police blocked the road and shot at the students
– Police took the students and handed them over to a local gang
– The students have not been seen si

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Guest Blog: ‘The Raven’ – Nevermore

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:

By Eric Nicholson

Edgar Allan Poe wrote an essay, ‘The Philosophy of Composition’, in which he details the writing of his sensational poem ‘The Raven’. If we are to believe the account, he carefully planned the theme, the setting, the metre and every poetic effect – ‘each step with the precision of a mathematical problem’. He downplayed the role of intuition and accident but elevated Beauty to ‘the sole legitimate province of the poem’. Poe elaborates that the apprehension of Beauty ‘excites the soul’ and furthermore hitches it to its cousin, Melancholy. The third member of this abstract trio is Death! This Poe-esque trio is memorably summed up by his assertion, ‘the death of a beautiful woman is . . . the most poetical topic in the world’.

Tenniel RavenI am somewhat sceptical of his account of the creation of the poem simply because it was written in hindsight and we…

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Filmmaker Brings Untold Tale of the Duwamish To South Seattle


I was born human, raised Lummi, learned I was Panamanian, told I was Hopi, then found out I was not Hopi but Laguna Pueblo. This film “Princess Angeline” is about my People, the Duwamish, I am descendent as I am told by my Elder of Chief Si’ahl (aka Seattle). My lineage in Lummi began when Peter James (great great grandfather) moved from the Duwamish territory north up to the Lummi reservation, of which the BIA so handily dispatched this Duwamish cultural identity and said more or less that you are Lummi because you are here when our rosters are writ. I have a Deep respect for Lummi, and growing up, living there on those waters i am proud to be a part of the community. but my roots began where the concrete business oriented resort known as Seattle now resides. The stripping of the Duwamish of their identity through the racist colonial assimilation and conquest of Native American people, is nothing short of grotesquely colossal in scale, and plagues Native lives in Indian country today. These are my people, the Duwamish, so are the Lummi, so are all my Coast Salish sisters and brothers. My arms extend to all that still feel the sting of history. My relatives lived this atrocity, many died, but we exist, and we will continue to exist as long as we have our history, language, traditional resources, and ability to see ourselves as tenders to the Earth. Please see this film. It is worth knowing whose bones are buried under easily one of the largest economys in the USA. Hychka Siem. – Garrett James (Grandson of Sukadem)

Originally posted on South Seattle Emerald:

Sandra Osawa

Sandra Osawa

In a lifetime spent unearthing stories from history’s cellar as an award winning filmmaker, Sandra Osawa has discovered her fair share of untidy portions of the past that most would sooner forget. Osawa, however, has made it her mission to shed ample amounts of daylight on the travesties of yesterday and their lingering residue found in our present times.

The local documentarian brings her latest work Princess Angeline- which details the displacement and plight of the Duwamish tribe through the eyes of Chief Seattle’s daughter- to Beacon Hill’s Meaningful Movies next Friday. Osawa, whose films primarily deal with Native American culture, is hoping the screening will inform South Seattleites about the true origins of the land they now occupy.

Emerald: What was it about the saga of the Duwamish Tribe that intrigued you enough to make this film with Princess Angeline as the centerpiece?

Sandra Osawa:…

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Updates on Ebola Relief Fund

Originally posted on Sara in Peace Corps Guinea:

I won’t go in depth in this post about the severity of the Ebola outbreak.

It’s all over the news.

What is disturbing me is not the U.S. cases of Ebola, but the shift of focus in media coverage.

Our nation has been enveloped in a cloud of paranoia, blinding us of the realities. African communities in the U.S. are being shunned, sent home from work, stigmatized. Groups of people are stock-piling face masks, preparing for an end of all ends. Calls to cease flights in and out of the affected countries are gaining more traction. And all the while, people continue to die in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

Source: Andre Carrilho

Source: Andre Carrilho

Let us not forget the reality of the on-going outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.


Let us step up to help end the suffering of humans, because we are humans and that is what we do.


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