Updates on Ebola Relief Fund

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I won’t go in depth in this post about the severity of the Ebola outbreak.

It’s all over the news.

What is disturbing me is not the U.S. cases of Ebola, but the shift of focus in media coverage.

Our nation has been enveloped in a cloud of paranoia, blinding us of the realities. African communities in the U.S. are being shunned, sent home from work, stigmatized. Groups of people are stock-piling face masks, preparing for an end of all ends. Calls to cease flights in and out of the affected countries are gaining more traction. And all the while, people continue to die in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

Source: Andre Carrilho

Source: Andre Carrilho

Let us not forget the reality of the on-going outbreak in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.


Let us step up to help end the suffering of humans, because we are humans and that is what we do.


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My Summer in One Photograph

Ashtray-1“the last cigarettes are smoked, the loaves are sliced,
and lest this be taken for wry sorrow,
drown the spider in wine.

you are much more than simply dead:
I am a dish for your ashes,
I am a fist for your vanished air.

the most terrible thing about life
is finding it gone.” – Charles Bukowski


Alone with endless summer days wasted

I lay short of breath

while fumes of cigarette smoke

cling to my breath


wasted plans needlessly

come to the forth passing each day

hell is alone with a cigarette

on nice summer day 

some random words i threw together to sound like i know how to write poems, i like it though because it sums up everything the picture is meant to mean.. I guess the summer has been like my past few, stranded on my Reservation, Feeling boring and utterly useless. I do have to say that my photography saved me this summer. i feel as though this summer life hasnt completely passed me by this year. i feel even though there was few opportunity to see old friends, have fun, or talk about much; photography has been in the back of my mind eating away at the monotony and disappointment i have felt like this year. i feel like even though i am still alone that i have found a constructive passion to see the world through. Thanks to photography, for pushing me forward. I toast to art, and from there life.  

The Emerging Open Source Camera


so fucking cool. Raspberry Pi is the best

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Build your own Raspberry Pi powered touchscreen digital camera with interchangeable lenses! — SnapPiCam

As you look at the photo above, I am sure some of you are thinking … “I have no use for such an odd beast.”

Think again.

A while back, I wrote about what I hope to see when GoPro releases the Hero4 camera later this year. Of the five items listed, the first three are all software solutions which should be relatively simple for GoPro to execute. Sadly, as consumers, all we can do is hope that GoPro listens to such requests or a competitor comes along with a better alternative.

Everyday, technology continues the march towards the “computer with optics” as opposed to the mechanical camera. This evolution makes once difficult shots easier to obtain and opens the doors to new methods of imaging for both motion and stills. However, as a platform…

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My Dream Camera Stepping Forward *thus far*


Sony a7

The Sony a7 is currently my dream camera moving forward with Photography. Ive found the a series cameras to be more than adequate for my current and future development in taking pictures.

The Full frame sensor is 24.mp and is what i have always wanted in a camera but have never been able to understand or use. I see being able to invest in this camera because of the full frame being able to take such deep pictures and 24mp being more than i could ever really need at this point; i know that i wont need a new camera next year. the ability to use other lenses is also something that will allow myself to expand and further utilize my use of this camera rather than need to go find a newer better one.

i have always wanted a camera of my own but have had to borrow from my parents whatever point and shoot camera my mom has to suffice. this aspect has always made photography so difficult to get into because ive never been able to own a camera or have one on hand that i could utilize that actually did more than most crappy powershot cameras can achieve. my dream past this is to find a Mamiya rb sd 67 or Mamiya RZ 67 once i am able to use real film in my cameras and develop my skills. Here is a comparison of the different models of cameras in the series.

As for right now though this is everything i need to move forward in my studies and would take up the majority of my time learning and growing with. hopefully one day i can own one but as for right now the 1700$ price tag, or even 1500$ used is once again going to keep this much yearned for piece of equipment away from me until i can scrape it together..

The Punk Singer – A Film About Kathleen Hannah

The Punk Singer – A Film About Kathleen Hannah


(My Words)

This Documentary film about the intensely and utterly human portrait of Kathleen Hanna. Someone who I knew only by sarcastic references to girls wearing combat boots and hating men, after seeing this I am so happy I did. it hit me at the right time in my life to split me wide open. It truly sent me on a personal journey in my own life one that I could never truly repay Kathleen for inspiring. Her absolute power as a women in the face of the engrained liberal sexism at Evergreen, Olympia, but also in her travels around the world showed me more what I always looked for in feminism. it was something that the feminists never showed me rather made me feel inadequate and self hate towards my body and gender. perhaps this wall was put up so I could one day see the transformative power Kathleen has had in the world. I’m a man, who wants desperately to understand how to progress gender equality without obfuscating my benefits. id rather rip away my  masculine safe imposed persona, and embrace what Kathleen fought, struggled, and sang for in her wonderful bands.

I am not done or fully understanding how to do so yet, so i beg of any feminist who reads this to be open to helpful criticism of my evolution from gender hegemony to equality.  I am and will forever thanks to the beautiful experience I had watching this documentary. please I implore you to watch it and love it as much as I do!


bikinikillABOUT THE FILM (taken from website)

Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the punk band Bikini Kill and dance-punk trio Le Tigre, rose to national attention as the reluctant but never shy voice of the riot grrrl movement. She became one of the most famously outspoken feminist icons, a cultural lightning rod. Her critics wished she would just shut-up, and her fans hoped she never would. So in 2005, when Hanna stopped shouting, many wondered why. Through 20 years of archival footage* and intimate interviews with Hanna, THE PUNK SINGER takes viewers on a fascinating tour of contemporary music and offers a never-before-seen view into the life of this fearless leader.

*Featuring footage from Grrl Love and the Revolution: Riot Grrl NYC by Abby Moser, distributed by Women Make Movies.



The human rights myth and the Israel-Palestine conflict

Originally posted on Rachel E. Brown:

Political philosopher, Hannah Arendt argued World War II showed us the nation-state system challenged human rights as being universal. The Israel-Palestine conflict shows us the sad truth that international law has failed to overcome this challenge and further, has taken “the human” out of human rights, making it a myth.

“Get off me!” she protested; “I’m a Canadian citizen!” as Israeli soldiers struggled to arrest the student activist. Law postgraduate, Sarah Ali had been monitoring human rights violations met on Palestinians as they entered the Ibrahim Mosque in the Israeli-occupied territories (OT). Soon after, Ali was deported back to Canada. As she resisted arrest, her protestations invoked a widely-held belief: Our human rights are secured by international laws.

Credit: Robert Croma

That this amounted to myth was a lesson from the terrors of World War Two when millions targeted by Nazis faced camp internment or fled, entering a position of statelessness – a…

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Sleep Dealer – Alex Rivera (2008)

‘Sleep Dealer’ is a Sundance award-winning sci-fi thriller packed with stunning visuals and strong social and political themes.
Memo Cruz (Luis Fernando Peña) is a young man in near-future Mexico. When his family is victim of a misguided drone attack he finds himself with no option but to head north, towards the U.S./Mexico border. But migrant workers cannot cross this new world border – it’s been sealed off. Instead, Memo ends up in a strange digital factory in Mexico where he connects his body to a robot in America.

Memo’s search for a better future leads him to love, loss, and a confrontation with a mysterious figure from his past.