My Dream Camera Stepping Forward *thus far*

Sony a7

The Sony a7 is currently my dream camera moving forward with Photography. Ive found the a series cameras to be more than adequate for my current and future development in taking pictures.

The Full frame sensor is and is what i have always wanted in a camera but have never been able to understand or use. I see being able to invest in this camera because of the full frame being able to take such deep pictures and 24mp being more than i could ever really need at this point; i know that i wont need a new camera next year. the ability to use other lenses is also something that will allow myself to expand and further utilize my use of this camera rather than need to go find a newer better one.

i have always wanted a camera of my own but have had to borrow from my parents whatever point and shoot camera my mom has to suffice. this aspect has always made photography so difficult to get into because ive never been able to own a camera or have one on hand that i could utilize that actually did more than most crappy powershot cameras can achieve. my dream past this is to find a Mamiya rb sd 67 or Mamiya RZ 67 once i am able to use real film in my cameras and develop my skills. Here is a comparison of the different models of cameras in the series.

As for right now though this is everything i need to move forward in my studies and would take up the majority of my time learning and growing with. hopefully one day i can own one but as for right now the 1700$ price tag, or even 1500$ used is once again going to keep this much yearned for piece of equipment away from me until i can scrape it together..

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