Demonstrators rally at Kinder Morgan offices near the Port of Seattle

The Dignity Virus

Activists from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at Seattle’s Harbor Island, home to the Kinder Morgan offices. The rally was held in solidarity with the protests in British Columbia, as residents of Burnaby Mountain have recently been arrested during protest of a pipeline built across indigenous land. Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 demonstrators.  Having just been in the heart of the protests on Burnaby, words of appreciation were spoken to crowd as Chief Rueben George thanked them for their presence. According to activist and community organizer, Carlo Voli, the protestors made their way past the lone guard and into the Kinder Morgan offices, delivering their message in person.

From the event Facebook page…

“Lets gather on Sunday to express our support for those who have been arrested and all those who are protecting Burnaby Mountain from Kinder Morgan’s survey work.

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