Navigating the Site

Personally straight off the bat, this is a pet project, like a personal art journal, so it will change often, and may be at times a bit jumbled. i am new to this blog world, and am by no means attempting to be imposed upon by the generally accepted aesthetic and functionality of bigger and better blogs because that’s not my focus and do not necessarily feel to bothered if people cannot explore something but would rather yell at someone for not labeling things up to their standard. Constructive feedback is always welcome, complaining because you cannot bear spending a few seconds problem solving. well we have public education to thank for that. nonetheless my condolences if you ever marry someone who is not overly compulsive to keeping your life functional.

but i digress…

My front page is for updates and reposting things that i am personally drawing attention to. The real interesting aspects will be located under the tabs that i will be updating.

Photography is for photographers or photographs i cannot help spending my time imagining over and over every time i think about this art.

Cinematography is for filmakers and films i find absolutely engaging and thought provoking artistically.

Documentary separate from cinematography because i have spent the majority of the past two years watching nothing but documentaries and continue watching them a posed to the other visual forms

Philosophy is where i put things to structure my individual and universal conceptual frameworks, philosophy is cool, ok!

Literature is where creatures like Kafka, Camus, and Huxley like to make their place known.

Music is where i will add audio into my overly visual understanding of art, once my main emphasis, now something i know less about than i ever did it seems.

Cover Artwork is my unflattering ego, basically a collage so i can see the “faces” of the pieces ive seen so i can remember why it is i dont have a “significant other” right now other than this


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