“Documentaries are a form of journalism” – Michael Moore

Alright, for the past two years i have been going through massive revisions about who i am as well as what i am interested in. this has turned into a rather extensive and fascinating journey through documentary films.

My intention is to begin organizing and cataloging the massive list of documentary films i have seen by genre and year. I do as well want to begin sharing my thoughts on some of the films that i find important as well as just down right amazing pieces.

My intent by doing this is based on my interest of the non-fiction film and how to understand it as a platform and in some ways art form. Analysis and critique will both inform me on the topic the documentary is attempting to address which is more than likely important if not good information to know; this also helps me develop and hone more academically my understanding of the pros/cons in presenting my own interests in this medium effectively and beautifully.

Documentaries have become my love, and i have learned more about the world in these two years watching these documentaries than i did in the public school system. its engaging and honest, not hidden behind government funding bias.


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